Tricks to Make Kids Love Their School Tiffin’s

Kids not completing their tiffin is one of the most concerning factors for every momma out there. They are always concerned about how to whip up tempting tiffin by watching kids’ tiffin ideas from the internet, fearing the tiffin box might return as it is. But not to worry, there are a few things that you can do to make your kids fall in love with their tiffin box.

Read ahead to know more such tips to make your kids finish their tiffin joyfully.

Make Their Foods Look Fancy

The adding of colours can do magic, given how kids fancy bright and cheery coloured food items. More so you can also put in some effort to garnish your food uniquely, maybe with coriander, parsley, cherry, or cream to make it appear attractive. The inclusion of colourful veggies like sweet corn, green peas, carrots, and cauliflower is also an amazing idea. Besides the shapes, you can also experiment with shapes as your kids are learning about them recently. Like for example, rather than opting for round chapattis, make them triangular or square-shaped.

Whip Up Lip-Smacking Food Recipes

Every mother gives in their best to make the diet plan for children especially their tiffin meals interesting and mouth-watering. However, even after the effort and time invested, there are particular food items whose texture undergoes an alteration from the moment they are brought in the room temperature, and as a result, they no longer taste delighting. Hence, the foods whose taste and texture remain the same even at room temperature must be opted for in the child’s tiffin.

The Tiffin You Prepare Should Be High on Nutrition

Being a parent, always make sure that every food that you pack in their tiffin boxes must contain a high dosage of nutrition to keep them active and happy all day long. The kid’s tiffin ideas including paneer/veggie stuffed cutlets and parathas are always the best. Always pick recipes that require healthy ingredients like whole wheat flour, gram flour, and rave. All of these food items are not only high on nutrition but can be digested easily and are 100% healthy.

Mommas Across the World Share Their Secrets to Make Your Kids Love and Finish Their Tiffin

  • Try imparting lessons on how to eat their tiffin independently.
  • While kids can create a lot of mess when eating their tiffin, it shouldn’t make you want to stop them, but rather encourage them.
  • Invest in adorable tiffin box designs or the ones with their favourite cartoon characters on them.
  • Always give your healthy twist to their most-loved snack before packing it for their tiffin.
  • Motivate them enough to complete their food.
  • Live to your promise of baking them a healthy and nutritious cake or something that they love.
  • Tell them stories and focus on the importance of sharing tiffin with their friends. This way they would feel more boosted in completing their tiffin.

Healthy tiffin ideas for kids are available in a large variety across the internet; right from healthy cookies to paranthas and delicious desserts. When planning a diet plan for kids, always try and be innovative be it for their tiffin or their routine meals. Just when you can ace the art of presenting the food beautifully, you would see the tiffin boxes coming empty.

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