Make Mouth-watering and Healthy Pizza from the Convenience of your Kitchen

No one can refuse pizzas. If you are not fond of the pizzas in restaurants or joints, you can try making them at home. The added benefit here would be you get to choose the ingredients and customize it as per your requirements.

Making Your Pizza a Healthier Option

Many parents prevent their kids to eat pizza as it is considered junk food. If you too belong to the same group, you can make pizza a healthier version by choosing the ingredients of your choice. If you are look for restaurants serving best pizza in Phoenix, then you will not be disappointed by the mouth-watering pizzas served at Sardellas Pizza in Phoenix. They make use of high-quality ingredients for their pizzas and pride themselves of excellent customer service.

When you order pizza in a restaurant, as a healthy choice, you might want to keep the below points in mind:

  • When given a choice for thin or stuffed crust, choose the thin ones
  • In case you want a stuffed crust, ask for vegetable stuffing
  • You can order your pizzas with side dishes such as salads or soups
  • Opt for a medium crust rather than a large one
  • If you are purchasing froze pizzas, check the ingredients and their nutritional facts on the packaging
  • Ensure that you drink plenty of water if you are eating pizzas with high sodium intake in them
  • Ask for half cheese pizzas
  • Choose personal pan pizzas that serve small portion slices
  • If you plan to pack the pizza, ask them not to cut the pizza as you can cut them into to the serving of your choice

Make Your Own Healthy Pizza

If you are worried about the calorie intake, then the below tips can help you achieve your healthy pizza.

  • Make the crust with whole wheat flour as it is rich in protein and fibre
  • Your pizza crust need not be dull or boring. You can make the crust from diced vegetables such as cauliflowers, cheese or eggs
  • For the sauce, you can make them at home, or purchase them from stores after reading the nutritional facts
  • If you like cheese on your pizza, you can opt for parmesan, blue cheese or feta
  • The toppings for your pizza can be as per your choice such as spinach, corn, broccoli and beets


You can reduce your calorie intake on the pizzas by following the above tips. If you pizza contains too much oil, you can blot out the excess with paper towels.

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