Love Cooking And Trying New Recipes? Start Your Food Blog!

Most of us are guilty of browsing through appetizing food blogs, and you would be surprised to know the amount of money that lifestyle influencers and food bloggers make a month. If you enjoy cooking and like to dish out new specials for the family and friends on occasions, you can turn that into a full-time hobby! Launching a blog doesn’t have to be complicated. In this post, we are discussing more on how to start a website and creating a blog that stands out.

Start with your domain name

Domain name is what people will type when they look for your blog online, and it’s critical. Ideally, personal blogs should have a domain name that defines the purpose and the blogger. You want the name to sweet, short and simple, so that you can actually promote it easily. Domain names can be purchased for really cheap prices, and if you want a global audience, always select .com extension.

Select the hosting plan

Food blogs often have a lot of pictures, cooking videos and text content, which can impact the loading time of the website. Make sure that you have a hosting provider that offers assured uptime, unlimited storage and bandwidth. Also, the hosting plan must be affordable. You can consider BlueHost and HostGator, which are reliable services with quality tech support.

Designing a food blog

Food blogs have to be tempting. Only when your culinary stories make sense, people will come and watch your content. One of the better ideas is to rely on a simple design, which doesn’t have too many complicated elements that may impact the browsing experience. Photos often define the tone of a food blog, so you need a good camera beyond the one on your mobile. The more appetizing photos you add, the better. Also, if you don’t have the budget to hire a designer, you can always rely on website builders, or consider using a theme that’s designed for food blogging niche and can define your website

Rely on WordPress

While there are quite a few website builders, and some like Wix and Weebly are pretty popular, we still recommend that you consider WordPress. WordPress is a flexible and open-source CMS, and you get considerable support. WordPress sites are super easy to manage, and that remains one of the foremost advantages of using the platform.

Check online for domain names now and launch your blog!

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