Do You Know How You Can Select The Healthiest Sushi Dish?

Sushi can be a great option since it contains few calories and it is high in omega 3 fatty acids. This combination makes it a healthy option. But you need to be aware that not all sushi rolls can be healthy. Some may not have the necessary ingredients that make this meal such a great eat.

Nonetheless, you should make sure you choose sushi with ingredients that are low in calorie and rich in the fatty acids. The process of their preparation should also be healthy. However, it can be difficult to tell how they were prepared. You can achieve this simply by going to a restaurant that is highly reputed to produce sushi Tulsa sushi in the most professional way. Here is how you can choose the healthiest sushi keeping in mind you select the usual portion size.

Go for meat that is Grilled, Steamed or even Raw

It is true to note that how meat is prepared can have an impact on its health. So, any time you are choosing sushi meat, go for the steamed, the grilled and raw meat. This is because this kind of meat is not much interfered with. This connotes the meat will have few added calories from other ingredients such as sauces, oils or even sugars.

Choose Veggie Sushi Rolls

Vegetable rolls are rich in vitamins and minerals. Remember, veggies are low in calories and that aspect makes veggie rolls such a healthy option. Here, you can order a veggie roll on top of a fish roll. What a healthy combination! However, you should ensure you choose veggie rolls like those of cucumber, sea vegetables but with less seasonings or sauces.

Add Wasabi

Served on the side of sushi, wasabi can add a great flavor to your dish. You simply need to dip your sushi roll into the wasabi and get the spiciness added to your roll. So, if you love the wasabi flavor, you can simply add it to your rolls and enjoy your meal. It helps add flavor to sushi rolls and you get to enjoy the health benefits of the antioxidants found in it.

Go Rice-free or ask for Brown Rice instead

It is true rice is a low calorie food. However, brown rice happens to be the most preferred rice since it is far much better than the white rice. So, ask if you can get some brown rice in your wrap. But if you cannot get it at that eating spot, ask for a rice-free wraps. They could be available especially those made from cucumber or seaweed wraps.

Salmon and Tuna are great picks

Salmon and tuna are the best known sources of healthy proteins. Both are rich in fatty acids, omega 3 to be precise. These fatty acids are useful in maintaining a healthy heart. Salmon and tuna are also rich in vitamin D, so whenever you are choosing sushi rolls, select those contain salmon and tuna as you watch out for any other ingredient that could be high in calories.

Bottom Line

Even if you are going to eat sushi for the very first time or you have been taking, these tips will help you choose the healthiest sushi roll. However, your tastes and preferences could play a big role in your selection. But you need to put in mind the aspect of low calorie. Enjoy your favorite sushi picks and reap all the health benefits of this fabulous dish.

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