Designing a Commercial Kitchen

Your kitchen is the foundation of your restaurant. Good kitchen design can take your restaurant business to the next level. With a good design and layout, it will be possible for your kitchen to run smoothly and efficiently. Work with a professional company like Dawnvale Group to come up with a kitchen design that meets your needs. The following tips may help you come up with a successful kitchen design.

The Kitchen Flow

According to the golden triangle, there are three important parts to consider when designing your kitchen. However, there are five focal points in every kitchen design. They include;

  • Storage

This is the area where you will keep your ingredients. It is designed to keep your produce fresh and free of contamination.

  • Food Preparation Area

This is the area where your food is prepared before cooking.

  • Cooking Area

After preparation, food goes to your cooking area. It is the most important part of your kitchen. Your cooking area should have the right equipment and enough space for moving around.

  • Service

With a good kitchen design, it should be easy for your staff to have access to the cooking area and other parts of the kitchen.

  • Cleaning Area

The cleaning area is where your plates, dishes, and cutlery are washed before re-using.

When you understand the different stages that food goes through before reaching your customers, you can plan your kitchen accordingly. Your plan should make it possible for your staff to access all the different stations.

Get Professional Blueprints

You should always get professional blueprints from a reliable architect or contractor when designing your restaurant. This way, you can be sure that your kitchen is compliant with all health department rules.

Do not buy equipment or start remodeling your restaurant before getting professional blueprints. The blueprints should include emergency and handicap access routes, fire suppression equipment, and a plumbing plan.

Identify the Foods You Want to Prepare

The types of food you want to prepare will affect the design of your kitchen. You must have a list of the foods you intend to prepare before you start the design process. Describe in detail the different methods of storing, preparing, and cooking the food.

This is one of the most important things to understand when planning any commercial kitchen.

The Required Equipment

You must understand all the equipment that your restaurant will need. Make a list of the equipment you need for food preparation, storage, and display. Every equipment you choose should be compliant with the commercial health code requirements. Choose your equipment depending on the size of your restaurant.

Air Ventilation

Ventilation is an important consideration when designing your commercial kitchen. Without sufficient air flow, your chefs may have an uncomfortable working environment. Proper ventilation improves the quality of your indoor air. Your kitchen plan should include air purifiers and fans in all parts of the kitchen.

Whether you are planning a new kitchen or renovating an existing one, you should always work with a professional company to get the best services.

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