Cooking with Cannabutter Is the New Trend

Cooking with cannabis is the new trend in the foodservice sector. The cannabis industry is booming at a fast pace in the US. Every chef is researching on how to add marijuana in their food recipes. Cooking with cannabutter is an easy way for making the demanded marijuana-based cuisine.

How can cannabutter be used?

It is an easy way of ingesting the THC [tetrahydrocannabinol] trend as it can be applied anywhere as a substitute for regular butter. Any recipe, which includes butter as an ingredient can be switched with cannabutter.

How to make cannabutter?

Cannabutter cannot be made using raw cannabis. Adding raw cannabis in your recipes is not possible as many cannabinoids of the plant do not bind with fat. Therefore, before cooking marijuana food activates the cannabinoids or else the recipes will lack desirable buzz. It will fail the definition of true marijuana edibles!

Making cannabutter is simple and quick. The first step is to activate the CBD and THC via ‘Decarboxylation’. In marijuana, the neuro-protective, anti-inflammatory natural component THCA [tetrahydrocannabinolic acid] is activated using heat. The buds get decarboxylate and transform into THC, which is the main psychoactive ingredient.

For the decarboxylation process, coarsely grind and roast the buds in an oven at 210-220 degrees [too high can compromise cannabinoids integrity].

After the decarboxylation process, melt butter together with the herb in a slow cooker or crockpots. A slow steady heat for an extended time is needed to cook cannabutter.

Expect to get a nice looking healthy cannabutter! Ensure that you use organic and premium quality butter. Add salt if you wish to use salted butter but traditional recipes always include unsalted butter.

How to measure the use of cannabutter in cooking?

No one wants to drench their food in marijuana but wishes to offer a great tasty edible [it means little is also not good]. The proper ratio of using cannabutter in cooking is essential. Getting correct potency involves a little math calculation. You can even make use of a cannabutter dosage calculator available online.

Enter the cannabis amount and servings number in the cannabutter cooking calculator. You get a precise answer to how much to use.

How to store home-made cannabutter?

It is best to store cannabutter in a frozen state. Choose glass containers for storing. Make sure to wipe the container clean to avoid changing the color and quality of cannabutter.

Cannabis cooking brings soothing, calming, and delicious recipes to new heights, butter it up!

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