Bring Back The Taste Of Thailand From Your Holiday

Thailand has millions of visitors every year, and the tourists love the tropical weather, beautiful scenery, friendly people, and the world-famous delicious spice food. Many people will bring back souvenirs of their holiday, and it is the same when tourists visit Thailand. Of course, you can buy plenty of extraordinary things when you are there, but if you love Thai food, you may wish to take a taste of Thailand home with you. Below are some of the foods you can take back home that will remind you of your trip to Thailand and make your taste buds explode.

Ready Made Sauces

No matter where you eat in Thailand, you will see some of the same sauces in all the restaurants, including fast-food chains. So, whether you love your sweet chilli sauce or prefer something a bit spicier, there are plenty of them to choose from that you can take home with you. A visit to the local supermarket will show you the many options that your favourite Thai seasoning sauce supplier offers, so you can fill up your suitcase before you leave for home.

Chilli Paste

If you love to cook yourself and cannot get enough Thai curries, you can take home some chilli pastes so you can cook your favourite dishes yourself. Chilli paste is readily available throughout the country, and you can purchase it in the large supermarkets and independent stores you find. Taking home some chilli paste from Thailand will help you cook authentic dishes that will remind you of your travels.

Herbs & Spices

You can also take home some herbs and spices from Thailand to help you cook authentic Thai food when you get home. There are lots of them used in Thai cooking that are not as readily available outside of the country. Some of the things you can consider buying include:

  • Holy Basil
  • Green Peppercorns
  • Cumin
  • Coriander Seeds
  • Coriander Root
  • Dried Chilli’s
  • Galangal

Stock up on the ingredients for your favourite dishes, and you can enjoy the taste of Thailand, even when you are at home.

Thai Fruits

You can also take home various fruits that are popular in Thailand that you may love. However, it will depend on the airline you are flying with and the restrictions in place by your home country as to whether you can take these home with you or not. For example, some fruits such as durian are banned from airplanes in Asia due to the strong, pungent smell they produce. Check with your airline and embassy, and you can take home some delicious Thai fruits with you if you are allowed.

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