A Healthy Butcher’s Guide to Prepare Roasted Whole Duck Meat

These days, duck meat has become quite popular in restaurants as well as home kitchen. Usually, it will be cut into pieces to make different recipes, but not as a whole. Cooking whole duck is very easy compared to steak. Additionally, it is a pleasure and joy to eat a roasted whole duck.

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Peking duck is well-known for the Peking duck dish, which is the national food of china. This dish is made by separating flesh and skin from the duck with an air pump. It will be soaked in hot water for some time and then dried in the open air. After few hours maltose syrup or honey is applied on it and let it dry for nearly 24 hours. Then, the dried duck is roasted in an oven.

The roasted meat tastes delicious but if you need something better than that then the best option is slow-roast. It is easy to prepare and you can taste juicy and moist meat with a crispy skin layer.

Cooking Process

  • Preheat your oven at 250°F, and keep a stand in it. Separate the giblets and neck from duck and trim it with a knife. Cut the excess skin and fat deposits and clean the duck with water.
  • Apply salt to the duck completely, including cavity.  Remove the skin from duck with a knife or metal skewer. Then, place the whole duck on a stand and place it in your oven.  After an hour, prick it one side and turn. Repeat the same process for every 1 hour.
  • After completing 4 hours, set your oven temperature 350 to 375°F and continue pricking, turning, and roasting for other 30-90 minutes. You can roast the duck as per your taste. That is, if you like slightly crispy and juicy meat, roast it 15 minutes on a side, prick, and then turn.
  • If you like crispy and juicy meat, then do the same process for every 30 minutes. If you want very crispy and pretty juicy meat roast it 45 minutes.

Duck meat not only gives you delicious and flavorful taste but also it provides various health benefits too. So, choose the best store and purchase the fresh duck meat to enjoy its taste.

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