4 tips for a farm-to-table approach in your pizzeria

There are few strategies or buzz terms that have made as much noise in the restaurant industry like “farm-to-table.”

This is because the farm-to-table concept opens up a lot of opportunities for you to upgrade your menu with fresh, quality ingredients, while tapping into and supporting your local economy.

A farm-to-table approach at your pizzeria will not only help you support the local economy, but it will also help you improve the quality and freshness of your products, and increase your appeal to many patrons. However, there are some things to keep in mind when switching to the approach. Here are some tips for using a farm-to-table approach:

Adjust prices

When switching to a farm-to-table approach, you will develop relationships with local vendors. While some of these vendors will cut you a deal based on continued business, these costs are still likely to be higher than before. However, patrons tend to be willing to pay a higher price for better quality, enhanced flavor, and a product that supports local vendors. So, it is not only OK to adjust your prices, it’s smart.

Do the homework

You will still need to be able to answer questions about your ingredients and your menu, so it is important you do the homework when it comes to the product you’re purchasing from local vendors.


Make sure you have at least two local vendors per product you require. Sometimes local vendors will have difficulty matching higher demands, so it is important you are able to still get the required ingredients and that they are still of a high, farm-to-table level of quality.

Flexibility is key

Farm-to-table means when certain foods are no longer in season, they may no longer be available. As such, it is important that you are able to be flexible with your menu and your creativity in the kitchen when making the most out of what is available.

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